Three Pillars will analyze and plan IT infrastructure that will suit your IT needs. We will improve the effectiveness of your technology strategy and operations. Consultation will be provided from architecture planning, business impact, application development, network design and security. Three Pillars consultation will ensure your solution will be optimized by analyzing and improving the effectiveness of your IT structure. We will suggest the best engineered networking solutions by using either a single source or a combination of 3rd party and custom resources and products that will best fit your network environment. Three Pillars consultancy unit offers extensive know-how and accumulated experience of dozens of experts in a wide variety of areas, and with all the convenience and flexibility characterizing the outsourcing business model. Based on well-known of Saudi market, and on their cutting edge knowledge in the field, Three Pillars consultancy unit offers a number of possible paths for collaboration, answering to each client’s specific needs. Three Pillars consultancy solutions are based on international methodologies adapted to the needs of the local market, guaranteeing the success of every project and the ability to adhere to the highest service standards each client

System Integration Services

Experienced Professional Consultants focus on delivering business results and performance improvement by bringing complex technologies together to maximize compatibility, interoperability, and enterprise-wide information management. Our flexible and seamless systems integration capabilities include:
  • Identification of the business units and operational objectives.
  • TRequirements Analysis
  • Planning, designing and implementing custom-made application systems and information infrastructures.
  • Implementing, extending and customizing ERP Solutions for Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Integrating software and hardware components
  • The sign-off of each critical phase and component of the deliverables Enabling complex computer networking
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Reputation Risk

Penetration Testing

Organizations came to realize one of the best ways to evaluate the intruder threat to their interests would be to have independent computer security professionals attempt to break into their networks. Penetration testing consists of three phases.
  • Planning Phase : Testing goals are set and management approval is finalized.
  • Discovery Phase : Actual testing is performed such as network mapping, and DNS interrogation.
  • Reporting Phase : A detailed technical report is submitted with weaknesses found and recommendations