E-Learning Solution

Three Pillars bring to academic institutes and learning centers an Integrated Learning Platform that enables them to deliver engaging content, collaborate effectively, and realize their e-Learning vision. By deploying a comprehensive and flexible e-Learning solution, Three Pillars provide you an innovative combination of best-of-breed teaching and learning tools, built-in accessibility adherence, powerful measurement and assessment options and standards-based technology; resulting in a powerful yet flexible Learning Environment that redefines what a learning management system should be.
  • Enables Effective Online Pedagogy
  • Tailored to your Approach
  • Get Started Quickly
  • Encourages Collaboration
  • Improves Learner Outcomes
  • Make Decisions, Improve Retention

Online Virtual Classrooms Systems

Online virtual Classrooms and web conferencing solutions from Three Pillars provides you with highly interactive and virtual classes with social sharing all hosted in the cloud for an easy and efficient online learning environment. The virtual classroom and web conferencing tools from Three Pillars enable lecturers to simulate an actual classroom environment, with the ability to receive questions from students in real-time, create assignments for students, and deploy numerous methods of illustrating lecture notes and ideas such as interactive whiteboards (IWB) highlighted texts, as well as the ability to seamlessly switch from one tool to another and back. Enable student collaboration with Virtual Classes and on-demanded conferences. Now you can teach and collaborate from any location at any time using traditional classroom tools (e.g. interactive white board, highlighters, etc.), thus creating an engaging course environment that provides instant access and boosts student participation.

Lectures Recording and Broadcasting Systems

Three Pillars provides interactive solutions that enhance the educational experience through a number of innovative and engaging tools for a truly interactive classroom experience, which includes

Interactive Classrooms

Three Pillars provides interactive solutions that enhance the educational experience through a number of innovative and engaging tools for a truly interactive classroom experience, which includes Three Pillars end-to-end IT security services encompass:
  • Network Security
  • Application Security
  • Database Security
  • End Point Security
  • Managed Security Services
  • Cloud Security
  • Compliance
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Physical Security
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Security Governance & Metrics
  • Data Center Security
  • Embedded Security
  • Risk Management
  • Virtualization

Transform Your Organization With Cloud Computing Technologies

The intersection of business and technology rests in the cloud. Leverage cloud computing technology to make your infrastructure more nimble, accessible and secure. 3 Reasons to Use the Cloud: Scalability, Speed, Price The cloud is an opportunity to transform the way you do business. Cloud solutions can scale on demand, deploy at top speed and have a lower cost than traditional infrastructure solutions. The biggest struggle organizations have with the cloud is not knowing enough about it. Three Pillars solution architects can help you devise a cloud strategy that meets your organization’s unique needs and challenges. Whether you’re looking to migrate to a private, public or hybrid cloud environment, Three Pillars has the expertise to make the migration smooth, getting the results you need quicker.

End Point Computing Solutions

Desktop Virtualization: Desktop virtualization is increasingly required by organizations with remote workers who need secure access to server-hosted desktops, as well as by organizations that embrace a BYOD workplace culture. Application Virtualization: Don’t let the complexity and inflexibility of your organization’s end point architecture keep holding you back. 3pilllars end point computing solutions simplify the end point environment, delivering greater manageability, security and accessibility of core business applications. By taking the benefits of desktop virtualization and extending those to applications, organizations and their users are benefiting from flexibility of access, centralized management, business continuity and centralized storage. Our comprehensive desktop and application virtualization solutions simplify the end point environment and deliver greater manageability, accessibility and security of core business applications. By using Three Pillars solutions, your organization benefits from:
  • Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device Access & Productivity
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Centralized Computing Resources
  • Secure Business Data
  • Centralized Image Management
  • Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Redundancy Elimination

IT Transformation Services

From data center virtualization to advanced networking solutions, Three Pillars transforms your organization’s current IT environment to deliver higher performance and greater organizational benefits. Three Pillars IT transformation services provide ideal technology solutions that are aligned with your business strategy.

Enterprise Architecture Solutions

An enterprise architecture solution helps you chart the future of your business and technology operations. We can work with you to identify how technology will enable your organization to deliver on its business strategy and mandates. The dedication and experience of our solution architects, coupled with the depth of our industry partnerships, equips us with the tools necessary to look at all of your business needs as a whole from an enterprise architecture standpoint. From there, we pinpoint the best long-term IT solutions for your organization, based on your existing technology architecture as well as other technologies you may not have considered.

Data Center Transformation

Data center transformation helps you standardize your organization across a common platform designed for agility, automation, service and security. Not all data Center consolidation strategies are the same; the costs and benefits vary depending upon the strategy. Three Pillars has deep experience with data center transformation across enterprise, government, education and healthcare sectors, and we take an information-centric approach to all of them. By focusing on the data you need to run your organization (not just the physical IT infrastructure), we help you create a data center transformation plan that reduces complexity to a minimum while significantly increasing your operational improvements.

Cloud Transformation

Three Pillars helps your organization get into the cloud or, if you’re already there, we help you optimize your cloud computing technologies. Growth-aligned organizations want IT solutions that scale to size with them. The cloud is the perfect solution to scalability issues. Moreover, because the cloud is both an infrastructure and a platform for applications, organizations can achieve lower hardware costs and increased flexibility across the IT infrastructure. When productivity is no longer delayed by cumbersome or outdated technology, your team stops wasting time and resources.