Disaster Recovery

Having a disaster recovery plan to protect your critical IT infrastructure is essential to growing a successful business. But when it comes to business continuity, not all businesses have the same recovery needs. That’s why Three Pillars offers a flexible portfolio of disaster recovery services for businesses of all sizes and requirements.

Three Pillars Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan For Business Continuity Includes:

  • Identification of the business units and operational objectives .
  • TIdentify & inventory and rank assets based on criticality to the business objectives.
  • Rank the threats that pose risks to the critical assets.
  • Identify the severity of vulnerabilities in the critical assets.
  • Prioritize risks by focusing on assets affected by credible disaster threats and existing vulnerabilities.
  • Develop strategies that minimize risk of disaster and maximize ROI.

Three Pillars Works With You In Creating Data Center Disaster Recovery Plans And Providing Cost Estimates To Adapt Your Facility And Technology Resources For Continuous Availability

  • Backup and recovery options for your multi-vendor information technology.
  • Compare internal and external disaster recovery site options.
  • Compare internal and external disaster recovery site options.
  • Assess and improve the protection of your critical business processes.

Three Pillars Disaster Recovery Services As Below:

  • Data Center Planning & Pre-Design Services
  • Three Pillars Data Center Power & Cooling Systems Analysis
  • Data Center Feasibility Consulting
  • Data Center Project Cost Estimating
  • Data Center Availability & Risk Assessment
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Three Pillars Data Center Energy Usage Assessment Service
  • Three Pillars Virtualization Strategies & Assessments
  • IT Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Assessment Services
  • Data Center Server Planning & Feasibility
  • Data Center Storage Area Network (SAN) and Data Protection Planning & Feasibility