Data Center Planning And Consulting Services

Imagine a scenario where as an IT Manager or as a Datacenter Head you are coming under fire because your data center project is over budget and months late. Even worse, your management team pushed you to accept the architect’s idea of your computer room that today won’t even deliver the most basic needs – enough space, adequate physical security & fire protection, ample power, and sufficient cooling. Now picture a different scenario. But this time, you have earned the respect and appreciation of your company by having properly planned, designed, and delivered an always available data center project. Within scope. On time. And, within budget. What makes the difference in these two scenarios? With Three Pillars when your management team came to you expecting you to provide the new data center’s power and cooling requirements, you had a data center design expert you turned to – an expert who had your best interests in mind. An expert who understood the obstacles in providing constant network availability, translated how future IT services impacted the critical load, and conceptualized how the resulting supporting infrastructure impacted the budget. Three Pillars Data Center Planning & Pre-Design services serve as the initial phase in the progression of the data center project process and data center lifecycle. This approach leverages the first four phases of the Three Pillars Data Center project process for successful planning leading into cohesive design services which support client requirements. We do end to end datacenter consulting service from Requirements analysis to Planning, Designing and Construction of Datacenters.

Consulting Solutions

Are you an IT professional that has been asked to provide your management team with the size requirements, power requirements and cooling requirements of an upcoming computer room relocation? Are you overwhelmed by the array of choices when it comes to selecting the ideal support, IT & cable infrastructure for your project? Are you concerned your team is not equally represented when attending management, architect, engineering or construction meetings? If so, Three Pillars can provide you with a data center design professional that will doggedly represent your best interests.

Power & Cooling Systems Analysis

Three Pillars power load studies offer piece-of-mind when it comes to power equipment selection. As part of our data center consulting services, our expert technicians can provide complete load profiling and reporting from simple spot-checking to week-long data logging. Our methodology combines the business and technology expertise needed to ensure customer satisfaction from concept through completion.

Feasibility Consulting

Specific expertise and experience is necessary to perform Data Center Feasibility Consulting and Studies. Most data center operators have expertise and experience in the Information Technology (IT) area in terms of network services, network engineering, network security, servers, desktop, storage, and other ancillary areas within the IT discipline. However, upgrading or building a new data center requires different skills in terms of power, space, cooling, fire suppression, computational fluid dynamics, data center architecture, commissioning of facility supporting infrastructure, just to name a few of the disciplines.

Project Cost Estimating

Developing a budget for a data center, computer room, or server room upgrade or new build requires understanding an array of items related to the facility supporting infrastructure costs, mechanical & electrical design and engineering costs, commissioning costs, and construction costs. However, in order to understand the size, type of power and cooling density required, and then the engineering and build, data center operators and senior IT and facility managers need to take a step back and fully understand the requirements of IT infrastructure both when the facility opens and several years down the road.

Availability & Risk Assessment

A comprehensive data center inspection to assess the ability of the support infrastructure to provide continuous availability including a site inspection, an evaluation of the present load condition, a comparison to the capacity constraints, identification of critical deficiencies and potential downtime risks, an assessment of the concurrent maintenance capacity of the site and expert consulting regarding recommendations for improvements.

Installation Services

We understand your mission critical facilities and IT departments’ needs and concerns. Mission critical facilities face challenges such as space requirements, power and cooling availability, and physical and operational disruption, among others. Priorities for IT are high availability, highly reliable, efficient, cooling and electrical systems that eliminate single points of failure. We are well aware of the data center challenges that each complex data center construction presents. As a data center construction design/build firm, we determine local permitting and licensing requirements and coordinate our engineering and installation progress to shorten the overall timeframe of your construction.

Three Pillars Teams Are Certified In Installing And Provisioning Of:

  • Three Pillars teams are certified in installing and provisioning of:
  • Generators and ATS
  • Switch Gear and Transformer
  • Switch Gear and Transformer
  • Battery banks, power protection, and monitoring.
  • Racks solutions
  • In-Row and Rack Cooling Systems
  • Medium, and Low Voltage Power Cables, Panels, Trays.
  • Data Center Chiller Cooling System
  • Outdoor and indoor Piping solutions
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Physical security CCTV systems
  • Access Control and Alarms
  • Fire fighting
  • Leak detection & Raised Floor